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NZSSD Projects


NZSSD can provide funding for projects to improve diabetes care for tāngata whai ora, whānau and the systems we work within.  The purpose of this is to improve outcomes for tāngata whai ora and reduce inequities.  

A maximum of one project will be funded annually by NZSSD, awarding up to $10000 plus GST.  

Only NZSSD members can apply and members cannot be awarded the project fund more than once within a five-year period.  Applicants must be financial members of NZSSD for at least one year.

Projects must benefit tāngata whai ora and have a strong equity focus.  They also must be beneficial for Aotearoa, and the outcomes from the project be easily accessible (e.g., if resources are produced, they are accessible via the NZSSD website for all).

NZSSD Projects

Eligibility Criteria

  • Current financial member of NZSSD for a minimum of one year.
  • One application per person/team per year.
  • Previous successful applicants cannot apply within the next five years.
  • Applicants can be individual or teams.
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