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Research Awards

NZSSD Emerging Researcher

Award value: $20,000 Max. (GST excl.)

Applications open: 01 Jan 2023

Applications close: 14 Apr 2023

Please provide a research proposal using the following guidelines. The document should be in word using single line spacing and arial font of 12. There is a 5 page limit in total (excluding CV/references). Any applications that do not comply with the requested formatting may be downgraded.

Application is on-line only. The applications will be assessed by a specifically appointed NZSSD subcommittee who report to the Executive Committee. The applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

This should be no more than 300 words and summarise the objectives, methods and expected outcomes of the research, and the likely impact in New Zealand.

The goal of this section should be to write a concise but adequate explanation of the background of your research, why this needs to be done and the aims of the proposal. You will be assessed on whether the objectives are realistic and can be achieved over the time period of the research project by the personnel listed. This section should include the originality, insight, rigour and national or international significance of the research question.
Ø Describe the relationship between the research question and the background research literature.
Ø Clearly outline how new directions/ideas will extend /advance current knowledge in this area.
Ø Explain the objectives of the research and justify them.
Ø Describe the steps you have taken or will take to consult with Māori.

Explain the methods for conducting the research and why they are appropriate.
Ø Include a realistic timeline of key events.
Ø Include (where applicable) a discussion on statistics and describe how the statistical analysis is to be carried out. This needs to include how your sample was reached.
Give a clear and detailed budget for the study, including other sources of funding (either secured or applied for) and a precise cost figure (start-up, pilot or feasibility studies are permitted but must follow the same format). Please indicate if the proposed study is part of a larger study, and outline the track record of the study investigators in undertaking and completing relevant research.

Describe the potential benefits from your research to the general area of diabetes knowledge and care in New Zealand and, if applicable, how this fits with key national priority areas including improving health outcomes for Māori.

Note: Scientific outcomes should be covered in the previous sections.
Describe the expected outputs from the research such as publications, conference presentations, industry or government support/engagement with emphasis on the potential impact this will have on health in New Zealand. Include the potential for advancing the training/careers of workforces and especially priority groups e.g. junior researchers, Māori, Pacific and non-medical researchers.


There are three grants available as follows:
1.  NZSSD are pleased to be able to offer a research grant of up to $20 000 to be awarded to an emerging researcher/first time applicant society member who has not previously been awarded a research grant.

2.  Pharmaco-i.SENS Inc. $20 000 GST excl

3.  NZSSD sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim & Eli Lilly $20 000 GST excl

Please indicate clearly which grant(s) you are applying for, and the amount requested. Please note that the budget for the project may be lower than for the full grant available. Applicants may also apply for more than one grant.

The applicant and supervisor must reside in New Zealand and one of them must be a paid-up member of NZSSD since 1 April of the previous year . However, priority will be given to applications where the primary applicant and supervisor are both NZSSD members since that date.  Each proposal may only be awarded one grant.

NZSSD aims to support research in diabetes throughout New Zealand, including from junior researchers and smaller research groups, and not necessarily just established diabetes research groups. Consequently, only one grant will typically be awarded to a single investigator or research group each year. Furthermore, if applications are of similar scientific and clinical merit, priority will be given to investigators who have not received a grant from NZSSD within the past two years, a track record of research output and presentations/contributions to diabetes and to NZSSD.

Junior researchers are warmly encouraged to apply – the above priority will then be judged mainly on the senior active supervising author’s track record.  NZSSD aims to support collaborative research throughout New Zealand. However, all investigators named on an application should contribute significantly towards the proposed research.

Successful award recipients will be announced in May and funds will be available from June of the same year.  Brief progress reports will be required annually by 31 March each year until the completion of the project. On completion, a 1-2 page summary of the outcomes and output of the research is required. Failure to submit progress or completion reports will prevent the investigators receiving future grants from NZSSD.

Successful award recipients are expected to present the outcomes of their research at a future NZSSD ASM.  Successful award recipients are also expected to contribute towards the assessment of applications for grants from NZSSD in the future, if requested by the Executive Committee.
Any significant change to the proposed research (e.g. change of research topic or primary investigator) must be discussed with the NZSSD Executive Committee before the remaining grant funds are used. The Executive Committee reserve the right to re-award the monies to another applicant from the original funding round, if they deem the changes are too significant. Failure to notify the Executive Committee of any significant changes may prevent the investigators receiving future grants from NZSSD.
Any Inland Revenue Department requirements are the responsibility of the applicant.
Unsuccessful applicants may request feedback on how their applications could have been improved.

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NZSSD sponsored by B-I & Eli Lilly

Award value: $20,000 Max. (GST excl.)

Applications open: 13 Feb 2023

Applications close: 14 Apr 2023

Same criteria applies as above with the NZSSD award.

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