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Diabetic Foot Special interest group

Welcome to the Diabetic Foot Special Interest Group.

Our vision is that best practice diabetes foot-related education, screening, and treatment is equitable and accessible to all people with diabetes in Aotearoa/New Zealand. We aim to provide leadership and advocacy through promoting excellence in diabetes-related foot services and supporting workforce development.

The group was originally set up as the Podiatry Special interest group however, our focus has evolved to include the wider multi-disciplinary team involved in caring for people with diabetes and foot-related complications. There is also an emphasis on promoting equity, prevention and education.  

Part of the group's work has involved developing national guidance on foot screening and risk identification. Please see the national 2017 Referral Pathway for Diabetes Foot Screening and Assessment. This is the updated version of the 2013 National Guidelines for Diabetic Foot Classification and Risk Stratification Tool, which are both based on the Scottish Foot Action Group's work. As an adjunct to this, we have also published a Podiatrist In-depth Foot Assessment form to guide podiatrists working in this area. Both are available below.

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