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Previous Award Winners


2023-24 NZSSD/DNZRF Summer Studentships

Amber Parry-Strong

"Assessment of dietary intake in individuals at risk of cardiometabolic disease and their whanau in response to an intervention using a Mediterranean dietary pattern and behaviour change support."

2023-24 NZSSD/DNZRF Summer Studentships

Craig Jefferies

"Incidence, prevalence, and management of youth with Type 2 Diabetes, attending the Starship Clinics, Auckland, New Zealand."

2023-24 NZSSD/DNZRF Summer Studentships

Madeleine Gray

"Relationship between carbohydrate counting and carbohydrate announcement to glycaemic control and BMI in young people using advanced hybrid closed loop insulin delivery."

2023-24 NZSSD/DNZRF Summer Studentships

Lynne Chepulis

"Evaluating the role of an extended primary care team to support improved outcomes for Maori living with type 2 diabetes in the Hauraki region."

2023-24 NZSSD/DNZRF Summer Studentships

Pearl Bir

"Role of miRNA-1 in Diabetes"

2023-24 NZSSD/DNZRF Summer Studentships

Pritika Narayan

"Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and risk in Peoples of Fiji Systematic review and meta-analysis"

Pharmaco and I-SENS 2023

Hamish Crocket

"Impact of child disability allowance funding on access to continuous glucose monitoring in type one diabetes."

NZSSD New and Emerging 2023

Celeste Keesing

"Effect of initiating real-time continuous glucose monitoring on dietary intake in a high-risk population of adults with type 2 diabetes in Aotearoa New Zealand"

Boehringer-Ingelheim & Eli Lilly 2023

Helen Heenen

"Should pre-procedure oral vitamin C supplementation be considered in people with diabetes undergoing dental procedures?"


Summer Studentship 2021/22

1. Department of Women's and Children's Health Dunedin, University of Otago; 2. Northland DHB; 3. Hawke's Bay, via Department of Medicine, University of Otago

"1. Do-it-yourself continuous glucose monitoring in people with type diabetes - a qualitative study; 2. Is it Feasible to Use First Antenatal HbAc to Target Northland Pregnant Women at High Risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus for Earlier Intervention: 3. The Impact of Co-Morbidities on the Ability to Make Lifestyle Changes in Those with Prediabetes and Excess Weight A Qualitative Study"


Anna Boggiss

"A self-compassion chatbot to improve psychological and diabetes-related outcomes for adolescents with type diabetes TD A pilot trial"

Pharmaco and i:Sens Inc.

Tutangi Amataiti

"The Dietary Intake and Views of Women with prior Gestational Diabetes living in the Wellington Region of New Zealand"


Pharmaco and i-SENS Inc. 2019

Shiva Reddy

"Defects in exocytosis of insulin from persisting beta cells in type 1 diabetes: molecular identification and therapeutic strategies to restore insulin secretion, improve glucose homeostasis and avert secondary complications"

Sanofi Award

Janet Rowan

"Which diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes are best for women and babies health? The GEMS Study"


Karyn Ballance

"Location location location: Anatomical 3D mapping of diabetic foot ulcerations"


Sanofi Award

Helen Lunt

"C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) as a candidate marker of chronic kidney disease in diabetes"

Pharmaco and i:Sens Inc.

Jeremy Krebs

"A Novel Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes; ‘First in Man’ Proof of Concept Study"


Kate Smallman and Karen Pickering

"How can we effectively measure the impact of healthy lifestyle-related education provided to 5-6 year old new-entrant children in the primary school context, particularly in South Auckland"

NZSSD best oral student presentation award

Hyun Young Park

Medi’Ray best oral nursing/allied health professional presentation

Joanna McClintock