Research Reports


2018 Dobson et al NZSSD award : ‘Long term effectiveness of SMS4BG’ Published in Diabetic Medicine, Diabetes UK

2017 Helen Lunt Sanofi C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) as a candidate marker of chronic kidney disease in diabetes.

2015: Lunt - Will the Use of Lyophilized Citrate Tubes Lead to the Over-Diagnosis of Diabetes in Pregnancy?

2015: Lunt research: Collection tubes containing citrate stabiliser over-estimate plasma glucose, when compared to other samples undergoing immediate plasma separation

2013 Sanofi: R Katere "Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers…"

2013: iSens Pharmaco: Dr T Kenealy "Assessing long term renal outcomes in T2D"

2014: Eli Lilly: A Friis "Self Compassion in Diabetes" pt 1  part 2 part 3

2014: Sanofi: Dr R Murphy "Pregnancy might provide an opportunity to identify women at high risk of developing metabolic syndrome and subsequent cardiovascular disease and death"     part 2

2015: Eli Lilly Dr R Murphy "Gut Microbiota post-Bariatric Surgery"

2015: NZMS: Dr H Lunt "Collection tubes containing citrate stabiliser over-estimate plasma glucose"