Position Statements

NZSSD Position Statement: Self-monitoring of blood glucose - CareSens Meters : November 2013

NZSSD Position Statement on the diagnosis of, and screening for, Type 2 Diabetes Updated: September 2011

Change to reporting of HbA1c – what is happening and why - July 2009

NZSSD Position Statement on standardisation of reporting units for HbA1c and application of estimated average glucose (eAG) - March 2009

NZSSD Executive Statement on Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose in non-insulin treated Type 2 Diabetes - February 2009

NZSSD Position Statement on Screening and Type 2 Diabetes - January 2009

NZSSD Position Statement on Insulin Pump Therapy - June 2008

Royal College of Pathologists of Australia position statement on impaired fasting glucose (endorsed by NZSSD Executive) - February 2008

NZSSD Executive Statement on the use of HbA1c for diagnosis of diabetes - December 2007

Australian Diabetes Society position statement on Rosiglitazone (Avandia®) - May 2007

Management of Type 2 Diabetes - December 2003