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SGLT2i and DKA alert developed in collaboration with our Australian colleagues. 

SGLT2i and DKA alert


Insulin poster (Sanofi)  Health mentor on line


Update information for diabetes meters and test strips and PHARMAC diabetes exceptions process


NZ National Integrated Knowledge, Skills and Career Framework for Diabetes Dietitians

Endorsed document

Monogenic Diabetes Guidelines

May 2018 Guidelines

March 2018 Guidelines

January 2013

Diabetes Nurse Specialist Prescribing Project

Final report for the Diabetes Nurse Specialist Managed Roll Out October 2013

Final report: October 2011

Diabetic Foot Disease

Updated diabetes risk and stratification foot screening tool Adapted from the Foot Action Group (Scottish Diabetes Group) by PodSIG (NZSSD) ©2014

Updated Foot Screening Referral Pathways 2017

Referral pathways document

NZSSD Inpatient Consensus Statement

National Diabetes Foot Care Audit Report 2014-2016 - England and Wales AND

2014-2018 UK foot audit document  UK foot audit document

Useful website:

University of Sydney - glycaemic index

Workforce Surveys:

Recent Research Findings

13 07 NZMJ corrected revised version: "Prevalence of diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes and
prediabetes in New Zealand: findings from the 2008/09
Adult Nutrition Survey

NZSSD Expert Opinions on published studies

Special Authority Forms

Guidelines, documents and useful links

Academic and Clinical Journals

Cochrane Reviews of relevance to diabetes


Please also refer the 'Education' section of the website for further items of use to diabetes health professionals.