Attached are the Ministry documents for providers and patients related to the change of HbA1c units to IFCC units (mmol/mol), plus NZSSD conversion tables including the actual equations.

NZSSD has consulted widely about the use of HbA1c in diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and general aspects of screening/diagnosis.

A new position statement is attached. Please read this as it differs from ADA and other authorities, and uses the new units.

NZSSD is very grateful to the many who have contributed to their development and to the complex changeover arrangements,

and especially to Drs Geoff Braatvedt, Michael Crooke and Chris Florkowski who have borne the brunt of the considerable workload.


NZSSD Executive summary of position statement

NZSSD: Reporting and interpreting glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) results/values

NZSSD: HbA1c full conversion tables

MoH: HbA1c laboratory data formal change (Provider info)

MoH: What is the new HbA1c? (Patient info sheet)

MoH: HbA1c conversion card

Diagram from Department of Medical Illustration, Auckland City Hospital