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Registered Nurse Prescribing Development Grants

Registered Nurse Prescribing Development Grant 1

Award value: $1,000 Max. (GST excl.)

Applications open: 18 Oct 2023

Applications close: 10 Dec 2023

NZSSD Registered Nurse Prescribing Application

* Required

Contact details:

Details of developmental opportunity

Provide confirmation of approval to undertake prescribing practicum from employer/practice area

Provide evidence HWNZ funding has been declined/not available or allocated funding is insufficient to cover all costs

Provide evidence of acceptance of a place on a recognised NZ RN prescribing practicum paper

Identify any other source and value of funding avenues/streams being requested outside of this grant

Provide an overview of current employment, demographics and role/function within area of practice particularly around diabetes care

Provide evidence of minimum of 3 years full time equivalent in intended area of prescribing

If you are not uploading evidence, provide an evidence of minimum of 3 years FTE in intended area