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Diabetes Young People SIG (Youth and Young Adults)

The Diabetes Young People special interest group (DYPSIG) was established in 2016 as a forum for health professionals in New Zealand, who work with young people aged 15-25 years with diabetes, to connect and to discuss issues they face in practice.  Young people with diabetes can be a challenging group to work with given the social and psychological stressors within these transitional years, therefore health professionals should be skilled and diabetes services should be well-resourced to work with this population of New Zealanders.  DYPSIG ‘s communication network of health professionals who work with youth with diabetes aged 15-25 years aims to work collectively on specific strategies/projects suitable for young people with diabetes with the purpose of:
  • Encouraging networking, innovation and ease of communication for health professionals working with similar populations.
  • Identifying resourcing issues for health professionals from around New Zealand, as these will impact on how each region works with their youth.
  • Reducing barriers of communication for health professionals who may work in a limited resource area.
  • Developing projects that are aligned with national and international recommendations.
  • Creating links with other organisations who work with similar age groups but not specific to diabetes.

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